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Welcome to the December issue of Lanka Link. This is the final issue of our SLCFA newsletter for the year 2020 and wow, what a year it has been. There is no denying that it has had its share of ups and downs, uncertainties, and challenges. But now, it is time to discard our shackles and delve into fostering the spirit of joy, kindness, compassion, and togetherness that is the epitome of this season. Well, at least to the extent of the limitations enforced by the current pandemic regulations.


The cloak of pristine white snow, holiday decorations and glittering lights have rendered upon our city, Edmonton, a magical transformation that has transported us away from the ills that have affected us, most of this year. But now it is time to celebrate. There is hope in the horizon, in the form of a vaccination. What we need to do is survive for a few more months, until the vaccination program is successfully implemented. So, keep on wearing masks, wash hands and maintain social distancing. And one more thing, desist from social gatherings. In short, abide by the recommendations of the Canadian Health Advisory.


Thousands of miles away. Sri Lanka is reopening to tourists after nine months of travel bans, imposed under COVID-19. For now, it is a pilot project with plenty of restrictions, but hopefully, the situation can soon attain some normality.


This year, we at SLCFA, have had to forego some annual activities that have been popular amongst our members, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Some of these are, First Friday Night, Seniors’ Day, Movie Night, Edmonton / Calgary Sports Encounter, and the Year-End Gala. Our planned participation in the Edmonton Heritage Days also failed, due to constraints to the normal format. Nevertheless, thanks to all the hosts and volunteers for their dedication.


To: All SLCFA members

In the throes of COVID-19, we have learned to adapt and are doing our duty by wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands in public settings, to combat a deadly virus. And still, there is no end in sight. Consequently, we have had to cancel most of our annual activities, keeping with the Canadian health advisory. Please keep safe and spend quality time with your family.


October has swiftly crept upon us, with its ever enchanting and glorious hues and the past summers warmth is now soon to be only a memory, gradually dwindling away. For some of our young families, it is also the back-to-school season. As we head into fall and winter, the days are becoming shorter, and soon, the white stuff is bound to fall. Halloween and Christmas this year might be strange, and time will tell how they might be affected.


In August, we contributed towards the annual Heritage Festival, which was a virtual experience this year, and was enjoyed by the public from the comfort of their own homes.


A message from the President of SLCFA - Nirmalee Namasivayam Edmonton Heritage Festival Association requested the public to engage on Facebook using #VirtualHF to reach out to a Local and International Audience. I did engage on Facebook and got lots of good reviews on the pictures I posted. It was sad that we do not have any good caterers to cater our Sri Lankan cuisine in Edmonton.


Go to to listen to Nimmi being interviewed by CBC Mark Connolly and Tara McCarthy.


SLCFA welcomes the newly formed Executive Committee for the year 2020.

  • Nirmalee Namasivayam – President
  • Anil Fernando - Vice President
  • Yohan de Silva – Secretary
  • Nayanthara Witharana – Treasurer
  • Savitri Senaratne - Director – Cultural / Social and Recreational Activities
  • Maya Silva – Director - Membership and Welfare / Publicity and Communications
  • Amintha Coonghe – Director – Projects and Fund Raising
  • Ramona Fernando – Past President

Front row from Left: Savitri Senaratne, Maya Silva Nirmalee, Namasivayam, Ramona Fernando, Nayanthra Witharana

Back Row from Left: Anil Fernando, Yohan De Silva, Amintha Coonghe

The 42nd AGM of the Sri Lanka Canada Friendship Association of Edmonton was held on the

02nd of February 2020. The following members were elected to the committee.


President Nirmalee Namasivayam
Vice President Anil Fernando
Secretary Yohan De Silva
Treasurer Nayanthara Witharana
Director of Social and Recreational Activities Maya Silva
Director of Membership Gothamica Wickramasekara
Director of Publicity & Communications Sharmini Senaratne
Director of Cultural Activities Savitri Senaratne
Director of Projects and Fund Raising Amintha Coonghe
Past President Ramona Fernando

For those of you who don’t know us :

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