The AGM was held on January 31, 2016 at the Association building. A record-setting quorum, the highest in recent years, indicated a renewal of interest among the membership on Association matters. The following EC was elected at the AGM:


Position Name
President Manohara Senaratne
Vice president Viraj De Silva
Secretary Sunil Ranasinghe
Treasurer Lakshaman Samarasinghe
Director of Social and Recreational Activities Prasanna Devapura
Director of Membership and Welfare Gothamica Wickramasekara
Director of Publicity and Communications Maya Silva
Director of Cultural Affairs Anil Fernando
Director of Fundraising Anthony Joseph
Past President Chris Senaratne


The majority of the committee members have served in previous ECs and are all committed to work diligently to ensure a successful year. To achieve this objective, your participation and volunteerism is imperative and as such we appeal to you to volunteer to help us in our activities.


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Membership Applications

If you are interested in becoming a member of SLCFA, or interested in renewing your membership, please mail the completed Membership Form along with the applicable fees to the SLCFA, to the attention of the Director of Membership. Admission fee will apply for late renewals.